• WHY ARE SILLY GOOSE GUMMIES THE BEST CHILDREN'S GUMMY VITAMIN OUT THERE? - 1. More nutrition per serving! We have an Industry leading 23 vitamins and minerals. 2. Better value per serving! We only have “two" gummies per serving unlike “four” that many of our competitors have... PLUS at a better price per serving! 3. According to many parents and kids, we simply taste better.


  • WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN KOSHER & HALAL VITAMINS VS. OTHERS? - This product is created and prepared in accordance with strict religious laws. These preparation practices keep food very clean for consumption including restrictions on the utensils and equipment used during gummy manufacturing. These gummies are certified Kosher with strict supervision, imported from Israel. Packaged, branded, and labeled in the USA. GMP and ISSO certifications. KOF-K Kosher Certificate UKD# KFJ5OYJOEDK.


  • WHY ARE YOUR VITAMINS NOT ORGANIC? - Many people do not know that once vitamins are introduced to a product, it is near impossible for that product to be 100% organic. The Gummy Vitamins that do say they are organic are really only partially organic. We are working on 100% organic fruit and veggie gummies that we know your children will love. You can be sure that our MEGA Multivitamin offers parents all over the world an amazing value and responsible healthy vitamin choice for your children.


  • WHY SO MANY DIFFERENT INGREDIENTS? IS 23 VITAMINS AND NUTRIENTS TOO MANY IN ONE SERVING TO TASTE GOOD? - The gummies do have Vitamins C, E, B3, K, B5, B6, A, B1, B2, D2, B12, Iron, Zinc, Magnesium, Folic Acid, Beta Carotene, Manganese, Mo, Cr, Biotin, Selenium, Cu, and K. We have also added a very small amount of natural cane sugar for taste in addition to natural Raspberry flavor. We believe that this balances the vitamin taste and gives a flavor that kids will enjoy and want to eat daily.


  • WHAT IF WE DON'T LIKE THESE VITAMINS? - If you do not like them for any reason you will get a FULL INSTANT REFUND, no questions asked. Then we will try to win back your business and loyalty by offering you a FREE bottle of another flavor. We call this our “Return Plus” program. The goal is NO RISK TO YOU, and HAPPY CUSTOMERS EVERY TIME. =)